Lindy Crew At The Seaside

Lindy Hop, Swing & Charleston

Fun & Friendly Dance Classes and Events.

The Lindy Crew At The Seaside or Lindy CATS
are a local community lindy hop /swing dance group
with a passion for Lindy Hop, Charleston and Jazz routines.
Our classes and events are always fun and friendly.

We run weekly classes and regular social events at venues across the West of Cornwall.

Important News

Important News Important News Important News
Due to the latest government announcement around social gatherings it is with regret that currently all classes are suspended until further notice

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Watch This!

Frankie  Mannings Favourite Steps

Frankie Mannings Favourite Steps

This video demonstrations some of Frankie Mannings favourite steps

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Mama Stew

Mama Stew

A challenging jazz routine that focuses on classic repertoire, hot rhythms, and styling.

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The Tranky Doo

The Tranky Doo

This little dance is called Tranky doo and the name, as Frankie Manning tells the story, was inspired from a Chicago dancer called Tranky Doo.

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The Balboa is a swing dance that originated in Southern California during the 1920s and enjoyed huge popularity during the 1930s and 1940s.

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Shim Shag

Shim Shag

The Collegiate shag version of the Shim Sham jazz routine

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What people say...

Excellent classes, Teena has a way of explaining dance moves that make Lindy Hop easy to learn even for those with two left feet. Great crowd, great music, great fun..... a wonderful space to unwind.."

Sarah T

We have loved learning Lindy Hop with Teena. Somehow she manages to tailor classes to match ability from complete beginners to more experienced dancers. Classes are fun and a great way to keep fit. Thanks Teena x"

Karen & John

We finally got to our first lesson last week and loved the music and Teena's tuition. A friendly group and we will definitely go again..... - Lucy Only been once but really enjoyed ourselves - Ken"

Lucy & Ken

Always great fun at the classes. Learning and laughing with great company and great music. Thank you Teena xx"

Liz D

Great fun and great for stepping out of your comfort zone and building confidence plus meeting new friends."

Glen E

Changed my life; giving me confidence and has taught me to be myself...growing older and graceful.... Thanks Teena x"

Emma G

Small, friendly classes, that make it fun and easy to learn."

Julie A M

Love the classes, excellent instruction and great atmosphere."

Sarah & Martin

Always loved music and dance, this is my doorway to both on any day. Sunshine or Cloud..."

Joe B

I’ve learned so much from Teena’s classes and they’re such fun. I especially love the way she puts little routines together so that you get to consolidate the moves."

Sarah H

Great music, great way to meet new people. Teena is great. Cannot go every week but well worth a try."

Wietske H

Teena's classes are fun and have a great atmosphere, always just enough to stretch me without being too much to cope with."

Tim R

I have attended almost all of the classes at the Lindy CATS, since they began. The lessons have always been fun and your way of teaching the Lindy moves is so good even the slowest of student is made to feel included and come away feeling part of a dance group. The committed regulars are often challenged by the more advanced moves and feel great satisfaction when they accomplish them with style! Thanks again for everything Teena."

Graham M

Teena really makes you think & feel that you’ve got it & that you’re improving which builds confidence. Classes are friendly & not daunting at all but have something for all levels. She’s a great dancer & it makes you want to try to dance like her. I feel real joy on a Wednesday night!"

Lucy F

Teena's friendly inclusive tea dances, and approachable teaching style in the actual lessons, are great appetisers for Lindy Hop. Teena's enthusiasm for the dance, its origins and Frankie Manning's legacy AND the music is truly catching. What a feeling - even for an absolute beginner like myself - to be able to master some moves of this amazing uplifting and joyful dance. You feel enormously welcome in the affable Lindy Cats Community amongst lovely people of all ages who share fun and appreciation of the music and the dance. Although being a 'good' follower is not at all easy, I'm very much looking forward to my first opportunity for social dancing at the end of September."

Elke P

Often asked?

The most common word you'll hear when learning about Lindy Hop is: FUN!

Lindy Hop is considered a “social” dance, thanks to its close connections to the dance ballrooms in America, which means everyone is welcome! No matter your age, your level of fitness or if you’re a total beginner. Once you got the Lindy bug, there’s no way to stop!

Referred to as the grandfather of all swing dances, the Lindy Hop was a couple's dance that originated from the coming together of tap, the Charleston and the Breakaway, and was danced to the swinging jazz rhythms of the 1900's. It was born in the dance ballrooms in Harlem, New York, during the 20’s but it was the Savoy Ballroom, that was one of the most famous places,  that saw Lindy Hop flourishing inside its doors and it was a place where everyone was welcome to dance, share moves and inspire each other, no matter their skin colour. It became really popular during the Swing Era of the 30’s and 40’s.

Swing dancer extraordinaire and ambassador of the Lindy Hop - Frankie Manning was a leading dancer at Harlem's legendary Savoy Ballroom where, in the mid-1930's, he revolutionised the course of the Lindy hop with his innovations, including the Lindy air step and synchronised ensemble Lindy routine.
We mainly teach Lindy Hop, a dance done to big band sounds. While “Lindy Hop” is the flagship of most swing dancing, we will also introduce you to a range of other great swing dances such as 1920s solo and partnered Charleston, Jazz Steps and Jazz Routines.
You can join in at any time. There is no need to book or register — just turn up. Attend a few of the level 1 classes until you are confident in the fundamental rhythms.
If you miss a few it won’t matter as you will be learning a new move each week and combine them with previously learnt moves.
As long as you are comfortable and can move freely wear anything you are comfortable in.
Layers are often a good idea as it can get quite hot!
For footwear, flat shoes are preferably, as high heels can be quite difficult to dance in!

Absolutely not! We rotate the class right through the lesson, so bringing a partner is not necessary.
This is the class for you if you have never danced before or if you have done some dancing but have never done a Lindy hop class.
Two primary rhythms are covered in these classes:
  • 6 beat Lindy Hop
  • 8 beat Lindy Hop basics
  • Classic moves such as Swing out
Lots of different combinations are covered each week and all taught at a beginner level. With lots of revision  these classes are huge fun.

In general for these classes you need to know the basic swing rhythms taught in Level 1:
  • 6 Beat Lindy Hop
  • Charleston (Side-by-side)
  • and the basics of 8 beat Lindy Hop (swing outs!)
These are the classes where you start to really learn and integrate the 8 beat Lindy Hop.  You will continue to build on combinations of simple moves, variations and start combining Charleston, 6 beat and 8 beat Lindy basics together with a view to get you social dancing.